My name is Sherman Quinlan and I am the owner of Q2 Developments Inc. I am an Architectural Technologist by education and trade. 

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I have always loved construction, I think it is part of my DNA. I have worked on various projects over the twenty plus years I have been involved in construction.  I have worked on everything from restoring an 1890’s three storey ballooned framed building back east to constructing brand new homes with all the latest trends here in Calgary.

The skill set that I have is either self taught or I have learned from trades people with many years of experience. I am looking to improve the skill set that I have by looking to people that can answer my questions and teach me the expertise that they have.  I enjoy learning from people with many years of experience so that I can learn how to do things properly which in turn I pass on to my customers in terms of quality work.  In construction I believe that it is important to ask questions and to learn new skills so that I am able to help every customer.  

My goal is to help people with home maintenance and home improvements. Home maintenance are small things like a honey do list and I see home improvements as larger projects such as kitchen renovations or basement developments. A common reason for needing my services are people just don't have time with busy schedules at work and a busy home life. A home is an investment but also a place where many people go to relax and rest after a busy day.  The last thing that many people want to do after a stressful day at work is home maintenance, that’s where my services come in.  You might need things like light fixtures replaced or that leaky faucet in the kitchen so you call me.  Perhaps you have always wanted that media room or dream ensuite bathroom well I am here to help.  There is no job too small or too big for me to take on. 

Most repairs I am able do myself but if I feel that a job needs someone with a more specific skill set than I have then I call a trade that I work with that I know I can trust.  My trades and I are all licensed and insured - I will not work with a trade that is not. It is important to have accountability in all areas or the work that we all do and your home should be no different.  Your home is important so why would you want to cut a few corners to save a few dollars that won’t be guaranteed or you don’t know who the person is.  I believe in working with people who keep everything above board. Honesty is my number one priority when dealing with my customers & my trades. People really appreciate honesty and it is what I am offering to you and all of my customers.  


I am here to help all clients to get what they were hoping out of their home.